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If you want to download videos, audios, PDF files, HTML and images. Analyze the website using built-in filters.

Universal video and file unloader!
GetThemAll (GTA) is a new dimension in download management software. Tired of searching millions of files on websites and download them one by one? You will not have to do it! GetThemAll will find all available files on the page that you see for yourself - all you need to do is choose exactly what you want to download.

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How to download videos from any page with Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and download GetThemAll. Then, click the Add to Chrome button> Add extension. Open the page where the video you want to download is located and play it. Pause it and click on the extension icon (in the form of a blue arrow) next to the address bar. Click on Video / Flash, select the video link, choose the format and click Download.

Additional Information

  • Version: 30.0.2
  • Last update: July 29, 2017
  • Size: 1.23MiB

Get Them All (Download link in the part below) is a handy extension or add-on for the Google Chrome web browser, which offers us the possibility to download any existing multimedia element or file on a page or website. As you will see, after downloading and installing Get Them All in your browser, the operation of the program is quite simple and intuitive. A new icon will appear in the toolbar of your browser, from which you can access the options of it. to download

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